Crypto Reading/Listening List

Crypto Reading/Listening List

My favorite pieces to understand the crypto eco-system. These are meant to provide a 50,000 ft. view of why Crypto is important. If you want a deeper dive on any piece of the crypto eco-system, feel free to dm me.


The Sovereign Individual. Predicted Bitcoin in 1997! Prescient in so many ways.

The Places That Scare You. Has nothing to do with crypto, but everything to do with your internal narrative. If you are having trouble disrupting yourself, this is the book to read.


Bankless - The Crypto Renaissance with Josh Rosenthal. Draws parallels between the Reformation - which was catalyzed by the Printing Press as a narrative layer and double entry bookkeeping as a wealth transfer layer - and what is happening now, with the internet and crypto in their place.

Real Vision - The World According to Punk 6529. (Must sign up to listen, but free to sign up.) Punk 6529 provides an expansive overview of Memes, the Open Metaverse, and Parallels between the traditional Art Market and NFTs.

What Bitcoin Did - Bitcoin as Investment Portfolio Insurance with Greg Foss. Do you understand the Bond Markets and their impact in the global economy? If not, you will after this podcast.

What Bitcoin Did - The Truth About Inflation with Lyn Alden. Lyn Alden is one of the top 5 macro thinkers in the world. After this podcast you will be better informed on Inflation that 99.9999% of the world.

The Deep End - The Network State with Balaji Srinivasan. Don't take this as hyperbole when I say Balaji is one of the smartest people in the world right now. Listen to and read everything he's ever said/done.


The Bullish Case for Bitcoin by Vijay Boyapati. IMO still the best way to think about Bitcoin as an asset.

A Most Peaceful Revolution - Nic Carter. Make no mistake about it - Bitcoin is revolutionary.

The Fraying Petrodollar system - Lyn Alden. What is the petrodollar system? And why is it rapidly unfolding?

NFTs and a Thousand True Fans - Chris Dixon. Crypto, and specifically NFTs (non-fungible tokens), can accelerate the trend of creators monetizing directly with their fans.

Check Your Financial Privilege - Alex Gladstein. If you think Crypto is pointless, you're coming from a position of extreme privilege.

Zero Knowledge - Packy McCormick. Why "Zero Knowledge Proofs" - a cryptographic primitive - will be massively disruptive in the next decade.

The Dao of Daos - Packy McCormick. DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) are the new governance mechanisms for a decentralized future.

Power to the Person - The Creator Economy, NFTs, and the Rise of the Solo Corporation. Why new cryptographic primitives put individuals on the same footing as massive corporations.

Learn by Using Crypto

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Intro to Crypto Investing (Protocols and Tokens)

Iterative Venture: Crypto and Blockchain Panel Discussion

What You Should Invest In

TL;DR: 33% Bitcoin, 33% ETH, 33% DefiPulse Index.

This is as an individual; if you're a company or other type of entity, this changes dramatically. Happy to chat through options, as there are lots of easy ways to earn yield or invest; feel free to dm 😎